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   We have rewritten the traditional “Twelve Days of Christmas“ song to reflect its probable Catholic/Christian meanings. 

     It is our prayer that the new song will strengthen your faith life as you sing it and celebrate the many gifts of our faith that God has given us during the ENTIRE Christmas season. 

    Listen to our song and sing it! Watch our youtube and smile! Purchase digital downloads of the song and ornament kit and create something beautiful!

    I know it will help you wait in joyful hope as you celebrate your own Twelve Days of Christmas!

                        Peace and Blessings,

                        The Even Family

P.S. This project was done through Faith and Flowers, our year-round business.  Please visit our Faith and Flowers website, which is know for its unique Catholic funeral arrangements that feature images of Jesus and Mary surrounded by beautiful flowers.


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Our Father Gave To Us The 12 Days of Christmas
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